Bee Removal Services

Bee removal by AZ Queen Bee

Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat and make 1 drop of honey in their lifetime. Their importance cannot be overstated. Having bees professionally relocated is the ideal solution for removing unwanted bees.

Live Bee Removal & Bee Relocation

Audra uses a specially designed bee vacuum to remove bees and then transports them to one of her many apiaries where they are given a second chance!

Honeybee Swarms vs Hives

Honeybees travel in thousands during the swarming season and many times land on trees branches to rest and scout out a better location to set up their colony. These swarms tend to move on within 48 hours. If you cannot wait or the bees have been there longer than that, then contact Audra to discuss the details of bee removal services. Bees that establish a hive become more aggressive and are more difficult to relocate, so remove bees as quickly as possible.

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